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Hannah had always been a strange child. She had run around the outskirts of the village like the boys and got herself dirty and bruised and not at all interested in the household chores that her mother and sisters seemed destined for and fully satisfied with. She was the wild child, but noone had guessed how wild…

The heat was sweltering under the harsh desert sun. Mikhail once again felt compelled to curse the Creator for putter such hardships on his people, but as always he reminded himself that it was to strenghten them, so that no heathen could stand in their way when they reclaimed the world to the true faith.
The old man did however question the wisdom in leaving his village in northern Khador on a pilgrimmage to see the true land of the Lawbringer. Truly it was magnificent what the faithful had created under the wise guidance of the Hierachs, but yet he felt it was all too harsh, too strong and comdemning compared to the belief in the countryside where he came from. There was no doubt what they did and preached was right, yet the magnifisence of it all seemed too much for a man like him to fully grasp.

Karl was a wanted man, although not as much by the ladies as he fancied and more by the authorities. He used to be a recruit in the Cygnaran military, where he was assigned as a trencher, or more like gravedigger in his own words. He disappeared under the first serious engagement, a border skirmish near ? with the Khadorans, and since then he was labelled a deserter.
That did not prevent him from frequenting various bars and boast of his time as a great man in the millitary. Usually he found a believing ear and a ready coin, and before he had to repay he always had hit the road for the next town and tavern.

Banosh smelled the air and let out a sigh. The were something going on up north, something giving the air a tinge of blood. He hefted up his spear and begang going against the wind, the elders had told him to follow the trail of anything that could endanger the new home of the tribes and he felt the burden of his brethren on his shoulders.

Takeriwinikanigosh grinned broadly, her greenishbrown face contorting to show a large row of teeth with some missing here and there. Those countryside bumpkins had no idea about how anything more complicated than a club worked, and steamwork was akin to magic to them. She could make a fortune here up north.

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